Download : Barcode: New War Order (Volume 3)

Kode spent four years searching for the HATS, fighting battles that put his team members lives in danger. Now, he struggles to pursue his desire to avenge the mother that loved him and kill the one filled with hatred. But he hasnt gotten any closer to his goals and his ceremonial bandages only make his day to day life more agonizing. After finding a clue that could finally lead him to the device, Kode and Seth embark on a stealthy mission to challenge Helios men. The two run into more than just a few soldiers, but an entire army led by a traitorous Colt Council member. Given the opportunity, Kode and Seth flee for safety, but they are hunted relentlessly by a plethora of new and old enemies. In order to save the life of his only living son, Blake sends the team to the one place they can find refuge until Kode can remove his bandages. Angie, Jamie, Kode, Richard, and Seth must live in a library located in Helios hometown of New York City. When Kode opens his eyes to the severity of his situation, its too late. Hes surrounded by the familiar Swagger, the pretentious Cane, and the beautifully valiant Valerie Death. The codenames are just as mysterious as their omnipotent leader, Minister E. The time for lies and games cannot last much longer. Angie and Kodes relationship with Helios will finally be revealed and the team will learn that everything in the dark will be brought to light or dragged to the trenches of Tartarus.

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