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Legend of Apollo is the first installment of the Barcode Series. This novel, like the series, was designed for readers in search of something "different." It was designed to oppose the Heros Journey, which is why the opening lines briefly detail the death of the protagonist, Spencer Colt.
Readers are encouraged to hate Spencer. He is a naturally gifted gladiator that is praised as a superhuman capable of liberating America from an evil dictator. Moreover, he is an arrogant, pompous little prick that has wasted most of his life grieving the loss of his mother and further spoiling the tainted relationship that he shares with his neglectful father.
Legend of Apollo takes a more realistic approach to a hero.
Just think. What would truly happen if a super man were glorified for his abilities? How would he react to women that long for him? How would he overcome adversity when he is privileged? What will happen to his ego? Who would love him? And how will his world change once a true villain disrupts his picture perfect world?
Remember, this is not for the weak hearted. This is what happens when good meets bad, in an environment where pain and grief run ramped.

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